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100% UV-Free tannning
At Boss Tanning, we offer UV tanning using the best beds in the industry,  as well as the Pura Sunless,  a UV-free sunless tanning booth.  Introducing the most advanced automated sunless tanning system ever!
*4 minute tan
*Simple Positions
*Comfort Dry Pass
*Open design that offers a completely comfortable experience


   Our tanning products are carried at some of the finest tanning salons in the world. We have a full range of Designer Skin, & Australian Gold  skin care products. Using a tanning lotion helps lock in moisture that is lost during the tanning process. It also helps to smooth out skin and allows for optimum UV absorption. Lotions help you get darker faster and help you keep your tan longer. Skin should be hydrated to reach and maintain that desired tan. Dry skin reflects UV light and does not allow it to tan underneath. Dry skin also exfoliates faster which in turn causes a tan to fade quicker. Our skin care products will help maximize your tanning results and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. The best part about using a Boss Tanning skin care product is that you will actually save money because when you use lotion you tan faster and your tan lasts longer. How much color do you want to achieve? Choosing the right lotion will not only help you build your tan but it will also help you achieve the tan you desire. 


Naturally promotes dark, bronze color through hydration and skin conditioning properties.


Recommended for advanced clients! After application, a “hot” & “reddening” sensation occurs. Tingle helps microcirculation & oxygenation of the skin, resulting in deeper, darker color.

Sunless                                                                                                                                       Produce a golden bronze look without the use of ultraviolet light. Results are usually seen in approximately 3-7 hours after application.

Cooling                                                                                                                                           Bathes skin in a refreshing & cooling essence, enhancing the sensory experience.


Further promotes dark, advanced color via immediate cosmetic bronzers, natural bronzing agents, and/or sunless tanning agents. Bronzers deliver color in 2 to 4 hours while a natural tan develops.


Delivers a relaxing, thermodynamic warming sensation to the skin. UV-activated warming helps increase oxygenation to the skin for darker, advanced color. “Non-tingle” heat!


Scientifically formulated with intense hydrating and tan-intensifying ingredients to preserve, protect and prolong the life of your spectacular dark, bronze color.