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Sign up for a membership and get up to a $20 lotion credit that day                       Memberships starting at $19.95 a month - no sign up fee ever!

Monday's - 1/2 price pura sunless tan!

Boss memberships starting at $19.95/ month with advantages of  25% discounts 
on lotions. It is the Best Deal at Boss.

Gift Certificates available

$ TANS Every Wednesday!!  For everyone!

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Students: Bring in your high school or College I.D. and get 25% off any minute package,  Point package, and bottles of lotion.    (Does not include sale prices, tan with a friend or memberships)


16 Points      60 Points

32 Points      75 Points

48 Points    100 Points

Regular bed 1-10 Minutes = 4 points     11-15 minutes = 5 points                                    

Facialb bed 1-10 Minutes = 5 points     11-15 Minutes = 6 points

Vip bed 1-7 Minutes = 6 points     8-12 Minutes = 8 points


LEVEL 1                       Level 2                           Level 3
100 Minutes                  100 Minutes                 30 Minutes

200 Minutes                  200 Minutes                  60 Minutes

300 Minutes                 300 Minutes                  90 Minutes 

                                                                          120 Minutes

 Unlimited Tanning               
                                               7 Day     30 Day      Membership

Level 1(Regular bed)          $14.95      $29.95         $19.95

Level 2(Facial bed)             $16.95      $39.95         $29.95

Level 3(vip bed)                  $24.95      $59.95         $39.95

Pura Sunless                                       $60.00         $40.00                                 


Boss Tanning Club (Membership)- Best Deal
Level 1 $19.95 + tax per month
            (tan in level 1 plus upgrades available to level 2 or 3)
Level 2 $29.95 + tax per month
           (tan in Level 1 & 2 plus upgrades available to level 3)
Level 3 $39.95 + tax per month
          (tan in Level 1, 2 & 3)

With a membership you always get 25% off your lotion purchase! 
(Prices do not include tax)

Pura Sunless Spray Tans $25 (upgrades available) 


Boss Tan has all the right options for you!  If you are a beginning tanner or tan infrequently for a few minutes at a time, we are the only salon who offers Minute Packages!   What's the difference between Minute Packages and Sessions?  With sessions, if you only tan 6 minutes in a 12 minute bed, you still pay the same price as a person who tans the full 12 minutes.  When you buy Minute Packages, you only pay for the # of minutes that you use!  

 If you are looking to get the best deal around, we also offer Unlimited Tanning!  You can tan as often as you need for a discounted price!  Stop in and talk to our knowledgeable tanning staff  to see which option best fits your needs!